Our Resources

This is where you will find all the documents, guides, forms, policies and other information you need for taking part in CISV and our programmes.

Activity Writing Templates

Doing great activities with a great educational content doesn’t need to be difficult; we already have so many of them in CISV. The activity writing template ensures activities are written and collected in a consistent way that helps CISVers share their great activities and search for new activities.

Educational Content

CISV believes that fostering friendship between people of different nationality, gender, age, race, culture, and class is a key building-block for peace. CISVers worldwide build friendships to learn from each other and take positive steps towards more peaceful and just communities.



With many different programmes within CISV with different structures and programme goals, specific guides have been created. The guides contain all the information needed to host or participate in CISV’s international programmes. Much of the general content is the same in all of the programme guides with specific sections to the particular programme.

Rules & Procedures

In order to ensure CISV programmes are a safe and welcoming environment along with the safety of all our participants, CISV international has rules and procedures that apply to all their programmes.


CISV Egypt & CISV international are constantly working on multiple projects. Keep checking this section to stay updated with all our news and publications