Our cultures begin in our homes. This exchange programme for teens promotes aspects of peace education by placing participants with host families from a Chapter in another country. The exchange has two phases, one in each country, allowing each delegate to be both a visitor and a host. Not only is this a profound cultural experience for the young delegates, but it also engages the whole family, and potentially the broader community, in the learning experience.

2 delegations from 2 countries each made up of 6-12 participants age 12-13/ 13-14 or 14-15 with 1 adult leaders 21+ and a co-leader 18 + for 2 phases of 2-4 weeks in each country in a home exchange setting.

The Interchange programme goals are:
  • Increase awareness of the cultures in an Interchange
  • Develop self-reliance while hosting or living with someone from another culture
  • Learn how to work cooperatively and have a positive attitude towards others
  • Learn to behave as a responsible active global citizen