Step Up

Young people learn when given the chance to lead. Step Up encourages the youth to take a leading role in planning and organizing activities. The participants and adult leaders use CISV’s peace education content areas to provide a theme around which the activities are planned, for example, identity, democracy, and environmental protection. Step Up provides great opportunities for youth to learn about how these issues are thought about and dealt with in different countries and cultures and learn how they can make an impact once they return home. Just as importantly, they make friends and gain a wider appreciation of how life is for people in different countries.

9 delegations from 9 countries each made up of 2 boys and 2 girls age 14 or 15 with an adult leader 21+ for 23 days in a camp setting.

The Step Up programme goals are:
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Encourage social responsibility towards the community
  • Develop a global awareness
  • Enable personal development