CISV: Build a Bridge Across the Years

On Saturday March 19, CISV Egypt launched the 1st event in a series of many yet to take place in 2016 to celebrate its 60th anniversary.  The Reunion event which took place at the Royal Mohamed Ali Club which has been the main host of CISV events for many years and brings up so many memories.

Around noon, CISVers of all ages started gathering in the club’s main garden and meeting up with old campers, leaders, families and friends. There were those who had gone to camps last summer, and others who had travelled ten years ago to all find themselves celebrating the 60th anniversary of the NGO that changed so many lives.

There were many different stations around the garden including a kids corner, a photo booth, a scrapbook where anyone could write their favorite CISV memory and a CISV booth selling CISV items and merchandize with a special 60th anniversary edition t-shirt with the 60th anniversary logo. After many people had arrived, and many “CI-SVs”, everyone found themselves gathering up in the heart of the garden to engage in no other than CISV old school energizers starting off with ‘boogaloo,’ ‘the pony song’ and many more. No doubt, it wouldn’t have been the same without the CISV song during which you could look around and notice everyone knowing the lyrics by heart, even after all these years.

After a couple of activities, current CISV committee members and staff took the stage to inform the attendees of CISV’s latest news and projects. Later on, everyone gathered one last time to cut the cake and celebrate the cause that has brought old campers back together. When saying farewell, others might say ‘goodbye’ when they leave you, in CISV however you say ‘see you later’ because anyone who joins CISV never actually leaves.

For those of you who don’t know, CISV was founded in 1950 by Doris Allen after World War II with the hope of spreading peace among the younger generation and eliminating the hate that exists between nations that has led to dreadful wars. There are several programs for different ages that help achieve the bigger purpose, mission and vision of CISV as a whole. To become eligible for any of the different CISV programs, participants need attend a series of day trips and minicamps in order to get to know CISV, bond and prepare for a life changing experience (not sure I like this but can’t think of how to change it) and become part of CISV and represent CISV Egypt internationally. 

Having kicked off the start of the 60th anniversary celebrations with a reunion. CISV Egypt will be hosting more events to celebrate including a Ramadan Iftar, so stay tuned and keep checking our Facebook page for announcements.